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Cedric Jackson

Dec 13 2018

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Certain logos are immediately recognizable by almost anyone. Think of McDonald’s, Nike, Amazon, or Starbucks. Without question, proper branding and logo design are the foundation on which you build your business. You need to make a direct visual connection with the customers you already serve, as well as those you target.

As part of your company’s brand identity, the symbols, letters, and colors you choose have a dramatic impact on how people perceive your business. Sure, you need to sell a superior product or service, provide excellent customer service, and offer prices that people can afford. Yet without the right brand identity design, you will struggle to make a lasting impression.

Logo branding guidelines

When looking at the most recognizable logos, you will see that they share several characteristics. Understanding them will help you plan your branding and logo design.


When it comes to logo brand identity, even some expert marketers make the mistake of thinking the fancier the better. In reality, all you need is a simple design that people find compelling, inspiring, and interesting. Look at the Nike logo as a perfect example. This company chose one color, black, in a swoosh design that symbolizes the wing of the well-known Greek goddess of victory. For your branding and logo design, try to keep it simple.


This is where you need a team of experts to brainstorm unique branding and logo ideas. Instead of even coming close to what other companies have already created, you need something that stands out as unique to your specific company.


You want people to quickly recognize the product or service you offer by your brand’s logo design. Many companies came up with innovative designs with hidden meanings. Not only do the logos relate to the product or service, but they also send a subliminal message. For instance, Baskin-Robbins has a distinct logo that appears as the letters “BR,” but if you look at the design closer, you see the number “31,” representing the number of ice cream flavors.


The purpose of starting a business is to nurture and grow it. When going over ideas for branding and logo design, keep that in mind. You need to look ahead at what your target audience might become. As an example, you start a clothing store for infants. Years later, with an increased demand for toddler and teen items, you might decide to expand your product offerings. Rely on your marketing team to conduct research on trends to ensure you produce the right brand identity and logo from the beginning.

Interesting facts about branding and logo design

As cited on Boundless, “a brand is a personality that identifies a product, service, or company, including a name, term, sign, symbol, or design.” Remind yourself that branding and logo design is not simply within your organization, but rather the minds of your existing and potential customers. You have to make a connection.

Recent statistics emphasize the importance of proper brand alignment. For instance, only 60 percent of marketers feel their company is on target. That means there is an excellent chance that your current branding efforts do not line up with your entire business objective.

Studies also show that adding color to your branding and logo design can dramatically increase recognition. While you know Nike used black, the logo’s unique design element is what makes it recognizable. If you select one color, make sure the design element sends a clear message. Otherwise, color and design together create a winning combination. The world-class design team at Deluxe can help you with both a memorable logo and your branding.


The value of testing

As part of researching and brainstorming to create unique branding logo ideas, testing is crucial. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses bypass this step, which causes a host of problems.

In this stage, you could suggest several options on social media, asking users for their honest opinion as to which ones resonate with them most. Also, you might have your team conduct extensive research on your competitors, so you can avoid stale branding and logo ideas.

Ultimately, you want a logo that aligns with your brand strategy in both quality and value. In this exercise, ask specific questions about the logos on your short list before making your final selection.

Do the logos:

  • Differentiate your brand?
  • Grab attention and stop people in their tracks to learn more?
  • Make a lasting impression?
  • Elevate your brand through storytelling and equity building?
  • Have a limited shelf life?

Consistency in presenting your brand will help increase your company’s revenue. If needed, you can seek professional assistance in creating and developing a logo that promotes your company and increases brand awareness.

You have an excellent opportunity to find expert help by choosing among products already researched on your behalf. One possibility is 48hourslogo, where you can select a logo design by industry. The process is extremely easy and the price unbeatable.

Emotional impact

You may not realize it, but a powerful branding and logo design stirs up emotions. Having an emotional connection causes customers to buy from a specific brand. Even if a product or service goes on sale, connected buyers are willing to pay more for the brand they trust and feel connected to emotionally.

To create an emotional connection with your branding logo design, you can reach your target audience through different avenues, including social media, emails, and newsletters. For this step, top companies rely on professional marketing services that ensure the delivery of their message.

When it comes to the future growth of your business, brand identity is vital. The goal is to build a brand that helps people understand what your company is all about, the product or service it offers, and the values it stands for, thereby increasing demand.

Final word

To achieve your dreams of long-term success, it is essential that you have a memorable logo that helps your brand stand out from the competition. Instead of wasting valuable time, money, and resources, you can rely on us for a list of professional companies that can help create a business identity that yields optimum results.

If your team needs help with branding and logo design ideas, we offer trusted solutions. Find the appropriate product by comparing our recommended logo design companies.

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